This blog is kept and updated by the parents of Elder Gardner to share his mission experiences as he teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Spanish to the people in South Carolina. The blog covers the period of time before Elder Gardner's mission as he prepares to serve and follows him throughout his mission until his return home to Arizona.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My First Temple Experience

My first experience in the temple was a good one. I went through the Mesa temple, where both my parents were sealed, and I felt the spirit so strong. I was also able to go through with my sister-in-law, Dani also! Seeing her there with me felt so right and comforting. She's absolutely perfect for Beau. I was so grateful that the Lord allowed us in his home. One of my most vivid memories was when I was walking up the stairs after the endowment video, and I just had the best feeling. Out of no where the song "I Love To See The Temple" started going through my head. I know the spirit put that song in my head. It reminded me of when I was younger, singing that song in primary and always having the goal to one day go through the House of the Lord. And as it was playing I realized that this was exactly what I was supposed to do. Heavenly Father was proud of my decision, and I was proud of my decision also. I reflected back on everything that I had been through, and all that God had carried me through, and I couldn't help but tear up knowing that everything was worth it. Words can't really describe my feeling, but I felt like I was being lifted up. I know Heavenly Father was right by my side. People ask me if I could have the decision to do through all I had gone through again, if I would. And just because of the feeling alone I had in the temple, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I felt like I had just reached the summit of the highest, and steepest mountain, and I was able to finally breathe and rest. It may sound over exaggerated, but for me this was the finish line of my greatest hardship. I'm so grateful for that opportunity I had and for the generosity of the Lord to let such an insignificant boy into his home. I will strive forever to continue to be worthy to hold his priesthood and to enter into his house regularly.

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